Innovation Center

A commitment to innovation and technology represents one of Deutsche Telekom Group’s hallmarks. With the opening of the Barcelona Innovation Center, T-Systems Iberia is joining Deutsche Telekom Group’s innovation ecosystem, made up of 6 innovation centers, 5 T-Labs (R&D), 3 Innovation Hubs (for working with the client to understand their needs) and 3 Digital Development Centers (where prototypes are developed). The new Barcelona Innovation Center is a 300m2 space aimed at promoting joint innovation between the company’s divisions and departments and, especially, with clients and partners. The space is dedicated to inspiration-led activities, ideation workshops and prototype creation labs, as well as to training people in different areas of the innovation process.

Smart Industry

Inspiration can be found in many different places, but most of all in our Smart Industry room. That is where you will find a showcase of the latest developments and solutions for all kinds of subjects relating to your services.

Vertical Solutions

This is the perfect place to interact with clients through the different technological demonstrations. In other words, this is a space for discussing – and viewing – the different solutions offered by T-Systems.

Ideation & Co-Creation

A space for forming ideas and creating. This workspace is located at the Barcelona Innovation Center and has been designed specifically so technology and business experts can bring their ideas together to find the best solutions to the challenges companies are facing.


Our LAB is a space that has everything you would find in a tech lab, where prototypes can be created for testing and validating different solutions, allowing for trial-and-error environments to be generated both quickly and easily. This is a space that immediately creates value for our clients.

Smart City Administration

What does the future of cities hold? That is one of the questions answered in the Smart City Administration space. A place for finding the inspiration that will make major cities smarter and more habitable, and where you will find the tools to inspire you as you search for solutions that can change the future of public administration.

Smart Home New Work & Security

Here you will find spaces full of inspiration, such as Smart Home, New Work & Security. This is a place for talking and for discussing the new challenges the future holds in both the professional and personal spheres. And there’s more: this place also hides tools for dealing with issues as important as cybersecurity.

Would you like to go on a virtual visit of our Innovation Center, organise a workshop or find out more? Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch.